Karlos and the team at Recommended Painters did a fantastic job painting the interior of our home. The walls and cornices had a lot of surface cracking and damage, Karlos and the team repaired all these blemishes perfectly before applying the paint. We are extremely happy with the quality of work and the service and will be getting Karlos back to paint the exterior of the house in the future.

Interior Painting Services

Interior Painting Service Overview

Our Team at Painter Perth have been in Business and been providing a Top Quality Interior painting service for more than 20 years. Friendly and Reliable taking Great Pride in painting the Interior of your Home Unit/Flat Rental properties, Work place premises, Offices, Shops, Restaurants and also doing a lot of Restoration work and painting to old Character homes. We have done many homes in the Mt Lawley North Perth, Claremont, Nedlands, Claremont, Swanborne, Fremantle and Mosman Park areas

Colour Choices

We are Masters of colour we have been providing this service free of charge since we have started our business.  We have a lot of Knowledge in this area of Interior painting and Know what colour suits where and what Feature walls look great. 

Painter Perth have also used Top quality paints from Wattyl/ Solver Taudmans and Dulux for over 20 years

Always using the best available product for each Interior painting service 

We take off all door handles towel rails other fittings  curtains / blinds hooks that are not needed and put back when job is completed.

First  Starting  with great preparation of all No more gaping all gaps that are needed to be fixed.

Around doors window frames skirting boards small cracks in cornices shelving cupboards and any other areas as needed then masking taping up using the correct types of tape to  all flooring with 2um Black polythene plastic to protect the floors carpet tiles carpets  wooden floors Tiles, Marble Floors  etc.

Then depending on the applications if Spraying covering up all wall tiles Bathroom vanity’s Kitchens cupboards Bench tops and any other surfaces to prevent any after spray using light rolls of pre-taped plastic sheeting and a dispensing machine Of tape and brown paper and covering with painters hessian sheets where needed.

First doing the preparation to all the Doors and door frames fixing any damaged areas with a fiber glass or correct product recommended then sand wipe clean with a tack or microfiber cloth undercoat with a primer sealer undercoat and Topcoat with a gloss/ or satin top quality paint then we do the preparation to the ceilings and then the walls fixing any water damaged areas flakey and damaged  parts of walls or ceilings cracked cornices or cracked ceilings when prepared to the correct standard use a premixed filler once dry sanding all surfaces and clean down ready for the Interior painting

We prime patches first then coat with 2 coats of ceiling paint ( the best quality available ) and walls we generally use Maxiwash low sheen highly Recommended and have been using this product for more than 20 years.

Coating with 2 coats and if needed 3 coats depending on the age of the home and condition it was in and also depends on the colour that has been picked. We are Still even today are doing a feature wall or 2 to brighten up some rooms and living areas.

Last we generally do skirting boards with 2 coats of primer sand and clean and coat with a coat of Enamel/ gloss or satin depending on the clients choice then we put all fittings back after all has everything has dried we vacuum the floors  and start pulling down all plastic sheeting and paper and all tapes and then taking up the black polythene off the floor folding it up and taking it away to complete the Interior painting of your beautiful paint Job to enjoy for many years.

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