5 things to consider in painting driveway in Perth


The driveway is an important part of your property. The gateway to your property needs proper maintenance to deliver a good impression to onlookers. Moreover, property experts always suggest repairing the driveway while selling the property. Otherwise, The value of your property will decrease significantly with an unmaintained driveway.

Painting is one of the ways to maintain the driveway of your property. Many positive impacts come with an alluring driveway. It significantly enhances the value of your property in the neighbourhood. Using the complementing colour in the driveway will add to its beauty. You will be a proud owner of your property.

The good thing is that many certified technicians are available in Perth who delivers quality driveway painting services. Whether you want a repair or repaint, consulting with experts is always a good decision. Our experienced technicians will offer quality services for durability and complementing designs of the driveway.


5 things to consider in driveway painting

The primary focus of painting the driveway is to make it beautiful and durable. But, a durable driveway result from quality painting and repair works from experienced technicians. Consult with experts to get an alluring driveway that complements well with your property exterior. Let us look at the 5 things to consider in driveway painting:


  1. Select a matching colour

Adding colour to the concrete driveway gives a new life and vibrance. Many quality colours are available in the market to choose from for homeowners. Our technicians will offer a view of samples to choose from and use in the driveway. Decide the matching colour after consulting with our experts.

Unsure which colour to choose from the sample? Our technicians can suggest a complementary shade to look fabulous on the driveway. Moreover, we suggest the pigment based on the hues used on the exterior or walls of the house. Shades will be smooth and UV resistant to last for a long time. The entire surface of the driveway will be appealing and joyful to watch.


  1. Slip resistance

Concrete comes with a variety of finishes. There are various textures and finishes available to use in the driveway. You can use hone and seal, exposed aggregate, broom finish and sandblast. But, concrete gets exposed to harsh weather conditions breaking and potholes formation. Worst is the growth of moulds that reduce the surface coefficient of friction. Quality paints are slip-resistant to prevent slippage while walking and vehicle movements.


  1. Durability

Repainting is adding a protective layer to the surface. It also gives a fresh and attractive look all year round. We use a variety of sealers on the surface to improve the overall look of the driveway. The penetrating sealers maintain the natural finish and enhance richness with a surface coating sealer.

Moreover, sealing concrete prevents tyre marks and oil and water spills on the surface. In this way, the driveway painting enhances its strength and looks at the envy of onlookers.


  1. Low maintenance solutions

The driveway needs repair and maintenance after a few years. Sealing the driveway will help in cleaning and surface maintenance. Water and oil spills will be easy to clean or remove from the surface. Sealers add durability to your driveway while incurring low cost in maintenance. Thus, it is essential to seal the driveway once every two years.


  1. Know the budget in detail

The price of driveway painting depends upon a variety of elements, such as colour, texture and sealer chosen for use on the job. Honest tradespersons will break down the price detail and help in setting your budget. Consult with a technician to know the prices involved and avoid an overwhelming expenditure later.


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