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Just as different rooms with their architecture and function call for a different set of decorative schemes and furniture, so do paint types and colours. If you are a homeowner wanting to DIY, a painting contractor, or a painting company looking to buy premium quality, durable paint for less, then you have come to the right place.

An industry-leader when it comes to providing superior residential, commercial, and industrial painting services, Painter Perth also offers the products that has contributed largely to the successful results of each and every painting project – our wholesale premium paint. Because we love our own, these same products that we now sell wholesale are used in our work whatever the scale from bedroom repaint to an entire house, and from one office space to an entire multi-million dollar commercial building.

Get excellent prices on wholesale paint to suit various coating requirements:

  • Undercoats
  • Roof Sealing
  • Paver
  • Acrylic
  • Enamel (Oil Based)
  • Acrylic-Enamel
  • Ceiling and Textured paints
  • Stain Sealer

Going through colour selection can be overwhelming with the limitless options of colours in varying shades and tones to choose from. And just when you thought that you are done, there are other elements you need to consider to achieve that perfect finish – the sheen type, primers and recommended application. Each sheen type not only creates a unique look but is also chosen for its functionality value. Experts even mix paints in different sheens to achieve a more personalised look. Some of the things to consider when looking through your choices:

  • Room type and use
  • Moisture levels
  • Traffic
  • Wall or surface condition
  • Frequency of cleaning

We take pride of our courteous, friendly, and highly trained sales and customer service to take your orders and answer your questions. Please fill in our contact form and tell us what type of paint you need and the quantity. We provide no-obligation, free quote for any painting project. You can also take advantage of our Colour Matching and Tinting services at no additional charge.