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Exterior Painting

Get the best impressions with exterior painting…

Recommended Painters & Decorators WA offers high quality exterior painting finishes that can last for the longest possible time. Our team of qualified Perth painters are equipped and constantly trained with the latest application techniques and methods or a more efficient completion of the painting job – whatever the scale.

The exterior is exposedto the harshest of conditions throughout the years, thus taking care of it not only keeps it looking attractive but also maximises its protection. Exterior painting is a great way to not only boost aesthetics and the market value of any residential, commercial, and industrial property, but also for the functionality of homes, buildings, and facilities.

Why Hire Us?

Exterior painting is not just about a fresh coat of paint;, the hardest and most important part that can make or break the result is the prep work. The thought of rollers going up and down or paint sprayer gliding through surfaces in one direction, can make the job seem easy. But the truth is, the job requires hard labour, long hours, and a whole lot more. Here are the reasons why our service can be an invaluable asset to your project.

Tools and Workmanship. Though it is true that the latest and best performing tools can easily be rented, expertise is still needed to efficiently use the tools to optimise time and come up with a quality finish.

Experience. Our years in the industry has exposed us to work with a wide-variety of surfaces from Hardie planks, decking, wooden fences, concrete block, roofs, render, brick, gutters, down pipes and garage doors made of aluminium or tin. So whatever your painting requirements are, we are able to deliver the most accurate and timely results.

Labour and Safety. Working on the exterior of houses and buildings can be risky. Registered and fully-insured, our crew and, your property, are in good hands when working with Perth painters.

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