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Colours are the most attractive feature of any room, home, office space or building, but with a limitless array of options to choose from, the selection can be overwhelming. In life and business, the most effective way to get the best value for your money is to never settle for anything less… And this is what the colour matching service of Perth Painters is all about.

Have you ever tried shopping for paint only to spend hours and hours, and even days going through all the swatches and palettes realising that the options are endless? Recommended Painters & Decorators offers a unique service that helps homeowners, businesses and even general contractors to achieve the exact set of colours to complete your painting project.

We will:

  • Accurately and quickly provide a colour match
  • Supply exact and consistent colour no matter what sheen or finish required
  • Provide a tint formula attached to containers for easy reference
  • Supply specific paint colour in wholesale quantities

A colour comes in many different shades and tones, and getting the exact match can be extremely difficult to near impossible. By taking advantage of the Colour Matching service of Recommended Painters & Decorators, you can enjoy the benefits of accurate results, fast and courteous servicing, quick turnaround, and bulk order schemes that can help you cut back on overall painting project costs.

Our Painter Perth team is registered and fully-licensed to cater to for all kinds of painting services. Whether your project involves interior or exterior, one room or the entire house, an office space or an entire building… whatever the scale – quality is a guarantee. We do residential, commercial, and industrial painting within Perth, and surrounding Western Australian areas.

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