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A fresh coat of paint is enough to recreate the entire look and feel of any space and make it speak volumes of stylish professionalism and personal tasteā€¦

Recommended Painters & Decorators offers all kinds of painting services for both interior and exterior, promising the same top-quality finishings whether working on small maintenance and remodeling jobs, to the most challenging surface cleaning and coating projects. Our aim is to provide the most efficient, timely and accurate results that follow project requirements and personal preferences, as well as within your budget and resources. Some of the many services that we offer include:

It is common knowledge that 75% of the job is prep work and this is where the quality of Painter Perth starts. Our team of painting specialists put a very high priority on this phase, as it can make or break the final result. We make sure that the output will not only be attractive but will last for the longest time possible, saving homeowners, businesses and even general contractor companies from unexpected future repaints and further costs. This dedication to excellence from beginning to end has earned our company an amazing network of satisfied clients within the city and other areas surrounding Perth, WA.

Perth Painters is a registered and fully-insured residential, commercial and industrial painting contractor servicing Perth and other surrounding cities within Western Australia. We offer free, no-obligation estimates for all painting projects.

What more can you ask for?

  • A trusted name to partner with
  • Quality workmanship
  • Courteous and prompt servicing
  • Professionalism
  • Protection for your project, property and finances

And you can take advantage of all these at an amazingly competitive price.

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