Hello lovely customers!

In this article, Painter Perth will discuss about our ways on painting the interior of your house. We can all agree that the painting job of the house’s interior is as important as the exterior. After reading the title, you’ll surely wonder how the painters in Perth perform their magic in interior painting.

However, before we get into the details of how we can professionally change a mediocre house interior into an extraordinary one, we would first like to take this moment to say thank you to all the people in Perth who are loyal to us. Without your support, we would not become the best Perth House Painters.

With that put aside, here is our approach in painting the interior parts of the houses.

The very first thing we do is tour the inside of your house. Assessing every corner of the house such as the windows, where the sunlight hits and etc. The reason behind this is because you can’t just randomly paint dark colours. Rooms with dark colours should receive sufficient sunlight.

We also take photographs for the purpose of putting it on our chosen photo editor and show our clients some samples on how the interior would look with certain colours. This step is very important to ensure client satisfaction and we don’t want to start painting until we and the customers are on the same page.

Once the colours have been decided – we then measure the areas covered with our job. This is to estimate specific gallon of paint is needed. This will then bring us to our next step, estimating the budget.

After setting the budget, scheduling comes next. We are always available and are ready to start any day and any time of our working schedule. However, the schedule will be based on the time convenient for our customers. We don’t want to paint the interior during a party or other important occasions.

Before the schedule is even set, we have already planned our workforce. We always take one step ahead that is why we made a number of past customers happy and satisfied. In other words, everything has been set such as the plan on how to move certain furniture and how to prep the house.

This is how we handle a client’s home interior painting requests. It isn’t much when you just read it – it is better when you experience it with your own eyes. Contact Painter Perth and be amazed on how we can turn your dull interior into an exciting one.