Modern painting services are not only limited to residential spaces. Over the years, innovative painting solutions are offered to the work environment as well. Exterior and interior paintings are proven effective not only in beautifying the home but also increasing the workforce’s productivity and creativity.

Impact on customers. Painter Perth says it’s important for business establishments to gain a good first impression from their target market. One good example is fast food chains using their hunger stimulating exterior aesthetic to entice diners. They do this by using mostly red and yellow for both exterior and interior walls.

Meanwhile, fitness gyms use mostly blues for their establishment. It is said that blue shades actually suppress a person’s appetite. This is actually beneficial for those who spent their hours working out. If you noticed health spas often use green tones for their interior walls. This is to achieve a relaxing atmosphere for their clients.

In business, interior and exterior colours may speak volumes about the company. So choosing colours for a business mainly based on the services and products you offer. A visually stunning exterior must be supported by an equally eye-catching interior and vice versa.

Impact on employees. If you think office walls don’t have anything to do with workforce productivity, think again. Believe it or not, office space can positively or negatively affect your employees’ performance. Orange hues may promote a talkative atmosphere since the colour represents social communication. If you’re the boss then you certainly won’t go for that.

For a general working space, it’s understandable if you want to enhance concentration. But you might also want to lessen the build-up of stress. The answer to this is effective colour matching. Go for a neutral backdrop and combine with bright or dark colours. Blue and green shades can maintain a relaxing environment.

A conference room is an essential space for decision-making and brainstorming. A light shade of olive or turquoise can be perfect for very long meetings. It maintains focus and calms the nerves at the same time which is good if things get heated up. Mix in a blue or green tone for effective decision making ideas.

According to Painters Perth, investing in your business’ aesthetic can bring to enormous returns. Their office painting services can give the best value for your every dollar. Improve your business’ communication, concentration and productivity.