With the rising cost of almost everything today, most homeowners are likely to do house painting, both for the inside and out, by themselves. Experts estimate 75 to 85 percent of labour costs is saved when DIY painting your home.

Before launching into the job, painter Perth strongly recommends serious thinking about the colours you want before deciding to make a purchase. There are a number of things you need to consider when selecting paint colours for interior and exterior painting.

As you know, paints are mixed in the store unless you want to do it yourself. The least that you can do is dab a little of the mixed paint on the same sample colour chip and allow it to dry.

Colour chips, small as they are, are useful for being the closest you can get to the right paint mix without hurting your pocket.

You must remember though, that if a chip is flat or eggshell sheen, the dried dab will look different. Sometimes it dramatically changes because of the way it reflects light. In addition, you may observe that a paint colour sample from the store will have remarkable changes when painted on your walls. This could be due to the following reasons:

• Surface Porosity

• The way the paint reflects light

• The amount of light in the room, and

• Reflectance of colours from adjacent objects

To have the accurate colour, have a small sample made using one quart to paint a wall. Take note that the colour, as reflected in the can, is not what it is when actually used. Colours appear darker when dry than when they are wet.

Further, choosing colours for the exterior and interior is actually your personal decision. You might think that your choice is perfect but it might not be true for others.

With the advent of technology today, paint stores can computer match most solid colours more easily. Therefore, choosing the perfect mix is no longer a problem especially when there is a Perth painter to guide you.