Choosing the right color for your home has never been an easy task. It requires patience and a vivid imagination as far as creativity is concerned. Yes, you need to be creative in order to attain the right patch of color and patient, in order to get things done in time.

Nonetheless, choosing a color palette for your interior is now easier, especially for the DIY advocates, thanks to Perth house painters. Learn here simple tips to help you discover your color preferences and take on white walls.

  • Color scheme from formal areas– The living room, dining room and even the entry way are considered the formal areas of a home. There must be a color scheme– one color to become your basis. For instance, pick a red sofa, which you could tone down to burgundy in order to get an accent.
  • Attractive color from large pattern– For sure you have patterned upholstery in your home. It could be a large piece of artwork or an Oriental rug. Whatever color attracted you to it, use such in your color palette. On the one hand, look at the pattern’s whites and beiges if you want neutral paint color for your wall.
  • Take it from your clothes– Normally, people buy and wear clothes because of the color they like. The same is true for room colors. Whatever color there is in the clothes you like to wear, it would also look good in your room.
  • Vertical color values– Have you noticed that most colors on the ground are generally darker, straight ahead or around, colors are medium value while when you look upwards, towards the sky, the color becomes lighter. You could actually take your cue from this when Perth painting your interior colors. Use dark color values for your floor, medium color values for your walls and ultimately, lighter color values for your ceiling.
  • Use the color wheel– You could never go wrong with this traditional but still highly efficient technique. Choosing the blues and greens, which stay next to each other on the color wheel, produces a more casual and relaxing look. This colors suit best informal or private spaces.Your bedroom where you want to rest would look good in this analogous color scheme.

When you are in doubt and you really want the perfect color palette for your interior, painter Perth is still your best bet. Contact us today for your queries.