Having a room repainted and redecorated takes a lot of work, but it can be very exciting. It gives homeowners a chance for a start over perspective and recreates themselves along with the room they are trying to beautify. Not everyone can choose their neighbourhood and how it is presented or an office space and how it is designed. But in your own home, you can design and paint the whole thing according to your taste and style. From decors to the type of furniture used, to the choice of exterior and interior home paints all personalized to one’s own taste. Painter Perth

But painting a room is not as easy as one would think. Some would hire an expert Perth painter from a trusted company like Painter Perth. There are those who would prefer doing it themselves thinking they could save money. It’s true that you can save money, as long as you follow some guidelines and few easy steps to achieve a professional finish and a burst of brilliant depth.

These basic steps are inspired by the ways of Perth painting. These should be helpful whether you are just painting a wall, ceiling or doing a complete makeover. It’s important to follow certain procedures in order to make sure you don’t end up with a messy-looking room, or worse, peeling and cracking paint.

Acquiring the materials and tools that you need is the best idea. It can be very aggravating to run out to the store in the middle of dealing with wet paint. Next, get organized before doing the actual work.

– Move all furniture out of the room or in a designated area. You’ll work faster and make fewer mistakes if you don’t have any obstructions to work around.

– Large furnishings can be piled in the centre of the room and covered with drop -cloths. Small decorations can be wrapped in newspapers. If you intend to paint the ceiling, remove any lighting that could hinder better application.

– Next, relieve the walls of any excess of old paints, cracks, dust, spider webs, chipped plastering, grease stains etc. If it’s newly built, the cemented portion needs to be sand, levelled and smoothened as well.

– Apply drop cloths or any covering that’s big enough to cover the entire floor area. Gather your tools and paints in one area where it’s easily accessible for you.

– Apply your masking tape to the edges of areas that will not be painted like cabinets, windows, etc.

– In applying paint, it’s a good idea to work from top to bottom. It helps you see and manage any drips or runs as you go. If you’re painting the entire room, start with the ceiling, then the walls. It’s also better to paint larger areas like walls before repainting the trim, because it’s easier to correct mistakes from open areas than in tight and small areas. Common mistakes that resulted from, overspray, roller spatters and occasional errant brushstrokes.

– Remove masking tape when finished.

If you had paint bleed under your masking tape, using a very small paintbrush, very carefully touch up the lines.

– Make sure the paints dry before removing your drop cloths.

– Rearrange and redecorate according to desired style.


After all that’s been send and done, it’s always advised to seek professional help from Perth house painters to achieve desired output.