There is a worldwide trend of working from home. Mothers, senior citizens, retired workers, the jobless, are increasingly operating from home offices. Some of them may opt to work part- time in real offices. Nevertheless, others simply find their home suitable for office so they spend a “9 to 5” routine in their own homes.

Whatever time and day you choose to work in your home office, certainly you would want it to be as comfortable and a little business- like in appearance. All you need are home office colours that would help boost your productivity while simultaneously making you feel at home.

Green, nature’s colour, is invigorating and has that restful attribute; green is easy to the eyes and has a calming effect. If you paint your home office green, as Perth painter would likely recommend, chances are you’ll be more creative which leads you to think more profitably.  To say the least, the colour green:

  • Promotes harmony and balance
  • Reduces stress thereby makes you feel rejuvenated

Warm Colours, such as yellow, red, and orange, are refreshing and cheerful colours. Your room tends to be cosy and intimate when painted with such hues. Any expert in Perth painting says that these colours can stimulate people making you more alert and creative. More so:

  • Help in stirring up your mind
  • Cheer up your spirit

Whites always make your room looks spacious and fresh. A symbol of purity and peace, white is perfect for your main walls.

Choosing your own home office colour actually depends on your own taste and you can go off standard if you wish to. You just need to see how you would respond to your chosen colours, if you feel good in it or not. In such case, Perth house painters suggest you pick Cloud Blue for your walls and Picket Fence White for the trim and ceiling.

 For a touch of sophistication, try to choose an accent that is something darker with shades of grey. If you want your home office to be a bit frivolous and comfortable with a light feel, use the series of earth tones. For a more strictly- looking office atmosphere, a Smoky Charcoal is better than anything else.

 However, if you want to be accurate in your choice, just give us a call and we will be eager to discuss painting ideas with you.