Paint is among the most essential part of home décor that helps create the ambiance. Here are the usual problems people encounter when they are in dire need of paint:Painter Perth

  1. Perfect colour match

  2. Chipped paint

Well, the first item above shouldn’t pose a problem since there’s now a device that can measure colour electronically, and its’ called a spectrophotometer. There are also colour-matching services provided by paint dealers. This technology gives you a more exact match. From a sample that you bring, a very sophisticated reading is given – a digital memory that shows the information called the prescription. This data is derived through the calculation of the exact amount of various pigments resulting to a perfect colour match. Painter Perth would just be willing to make this service hassle- free for you.

You might be wondering if the paint mixer will be able to pour out the exact amount of each colour. Now you don’t have to be alarmed because everything’s automated so chances are, there would be no probability of human error. The computer measures and pours the right amount of paint and tint into a mixture. Perth house painters suggest making use of this technology for a more accurate result. Though there are experienced professionals who can come very close to achieving the right shade, technology offers the exact match to your needs.

Accidentally bumping anything hard onto your walls like furniture can cause chips. Now if you need to paint a chipped wall, you can get the help form Perth painting companies that offer colour matching services. The most challenging part here would be having a sample colour to take with you. keep in mind that photos may not offer the most accurate basis for your colour matching needs. But resourceful as you are, you’ll most likely remove some of the chipped paint and bring it with you to the paint dealer.

Now what would have happened if there were no paint chips available? If your memory isn’t good at matching paint colours then you can always use a colour swatch. Bring the swatch close to the walls to compare which one comes closest to the original paint. Matching wall paint by this approach will help you to also determine visually pleasing complementary schemes. This is useful when you are trying to build your room décor around one paint colour.

If you have any more painting problems, don’t be reluctant to call on us. We don’t only paint but we offer you paints at very reasonable prices.