You may not be aware but you’re actually prone to committing mistakes when you choose your own paint colors. Know what these common mistakes and wrong perceptions are. Avoid these unnecessary errors to make your painting project a truly worthwhile experience. Below are some blunders commonly done:

  1. Going to the paint shop not prepared – In order to save you time and money, always be prepared by bringing with you several samples from your house. Painters Perth recommends a matching piece of cloth from a drapery or bed linen, or a sample carpet color. Another option would be to bring paint swatches over to your house so you can see big changes in color when matched against the light used in your home.
  2. Matching a color against the store light environment – Chances are, the color will change once you use it to paint your room because the light you’re using in your room may not be the same as the one in the store. Painters Perth reminds you that color changes with light. Take color swatches instead and see the significant difference for yourself. This takes time. You may do it several times before deciding what paint colors to buy.
  3. Treating every wall just like any other – You can make every wall unique. Choose a wall that is intact; that is without doors or windows. Accent it with paint different from the rest of your walls. The accented wall, often times near the entrance will attract people coming in.
  4. Forgetting the importance of the ceiling – A common perception of most people is that only white and off white can be used with ceilings. Truth is, ceiling can be painted with light colors such as pale yellow, gold and even blue aside from white and off white. These colors can reflect almost the same amount of light. In addition, deeper paint colors and those that are more dramatic can be used for ceiling in the bedroom light is not of utmost importance.

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  5. Ignoring existing paint – If you want a repaint of your walls, consider the old paints which could probably be oil-based. Never use latex to repaint over oil because it will easily come off after a week. If you have to, coat your wall first with a special primer, or consult painters Perth about this problem.
  6. Choosing too bright colors– There are factors that make colors seem very bright. These include exposure to light, wall size, colors of nearby structures and so on. Try to paint a large area of the wall to see actual results. When it’s too bright, adjust your shade or make it less chromatic.
  7. Believing that all paint is the same – In fact, there’s a wide variety of paints like latex and oil. There are also a lot of paint finishes like flat finish or matte finish. It’s best to give your bedroom a flat or matte finish. The bathroom adjacent to your bedroom deserves something like a water resistant semi or high-gloss finish.