Are you excited to change the colors of your home office for a refreshing new look? You may want it to project a specific mood so bear in mind to select the paint color according to your chosen mood. There are colors that energize, brighten up, soothe and stimulate your mood. Choosing the best colors for your home office may seem easy; but it’s quite tricky! You might be combining the wrong colors and end up having gloomy shade instead. So what are the things you need to consider in choosing the right color combination for your work place?

1. Settle on the tone. Color can change the perception of a room. Light colors project a sense of airiness. White tends to minimize flaws on the surfaces of your walls. Cool colors give a calming effect. They’re perfect for a home office or bedroom. Warm colors give a sense of breadth that’s why they are great for social areas, like dining or receiving room. When choosing hues that make you happy, consider what solid colors you wear most often besides black and white. Painter Perth says “If it feels good on you, it will most likely feel good around you in the work space.”

2. Getting inspired from within – The best way to choose a color for your work place is to start with an inspiration that is visual. Anything you can find inside your home can be an inspiration in choosing your favorite shade. It could be your dinner table, your lampshade, an art work, or your sofa upholstery. You couldn’t go wrong in matching your favorite possession to a paint color of your choice.

3. Take your time – Don’t make the mistake of choosing paint colors right there at the hardware shop. If you’re planning to buy paints, don’t bring them home on that very day. Instead, bring along paint swatches back to your work space so you can see them in the actual room where the furniture is. Take as many swatches as you like. Then at home, put them in a high traffic area of your house and see which ones you’re most likely attracted to. Painter Perth will tell you to compare the colors by viewing them in broad daylight and through a lamplight. Color changes with light. Notice that they actually don’t look the same in different times of the day. Also, remember that paint colors look darker on the wall and the glossier the paint, the lighter it will look.

4. Check on the ceiling. People often times overlook the ceiling or simply forget about them. Truth is, the color of the ceiling is important to give the work place a cozier feel. Painter Perth advises you to consider painting it light like using white. It highlights whatever architecture you have. If you have high ceiling like above 9 feet, use one shade darker than your wall color for it will ‘bring the ceiling down.’ If your ceiling is a little bit low, go for a shade lighter than your walls.