There are over one thousand painting contractors in Perth. With so many reassuring names that are all full of promise, it’s almost a gamble to try to end up with the best one.

You need to ask the right questions to ensure that you make the right decision.

1: How well do they relate with their customers?

One of the most crucial skills a painter can possess is approachability. In order to get the job done, you must give your instructions and they must be able to take it. Miscommunication could mean the thin line between your vision of the ideal house and the complete opposite.

You can tell straight away if the painter is warm and cordial, even over the phone. You need to be certain that you can relate with your painter to avoid potential hassles in the future.

You see, although professionalism is key, it is important that you be able to approach your painter for all your concerns.

2: Can they suggest a better deal for your concerns?

This is where painters can make their experience and professionalism apparent. Painters who know the business can address any of your concerns. They can provide insight into harmonious color schemes, the correct type of paint for a variety of surfaces, and interior and exterior painting, among many others.

Great Perth painters can even tell you how to take advantage of your space if you have yet to come up with any of your own ideas. They should put all your needs first, while offering solutions that best fit the task at hand.

3: How long will it take them to get the job done?

This question does not just pertain to how quickly they can accomplish the job, but how efficient they can be. Professional painters who are serious about the task should be willing to work even after hours to reach a deadline and to avoid inconveniencing any office setting.

It’s also a definite plus if they can clean up after themselves in the end.

4: How much do they charge for their work?

Reliable painters know the value of money and their matchless prices will tell you how much they value you. Top-notch service need not cost an arm and a leg. Most importantly, the amount they charge should end up being justified by the end result.

5: What do their customers have to say about them?

Customer feedback means every thing. You can find out what their strong points are, and at what aspects they might need to improve on. Painters who offer up their customers’ testimonials to the public tell you that they are proud of their work and have nothing to hide.

What do you think?

Ask yourself these questions when searching for the right painter in Perth and you’ll surely end up with the best one. We’d love to hear your comments. Do visit our